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My name is Jaime Johnson, and, that is me pictured on the left! If you would like to get to know me better you need to know that I am a mountain girl...I have been told that I sound like one too! HAHA.  I love movies and T.V. shows.  But, I have to be very careful with T.V. shows and books that are in a serise... I... just... can't... stop...!  My favorite food is...hmmm... potatos... yes, potatos... and pretty much anything made with potatos.  One of my biggest needs in life (other than the grace of God and lots and lots of hugs from my hubby and little boy) is SLEEP, oh... my... goodness..., at least 9+ hours.  The lack of this necessity is, by far, the hardest part of my promotion to "Mom".  But that little dude is worth it all!!

One of my favorite things to do is work on my craft, photography.  I started Jaime Johnson Photography in 2010 after I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Appalachian State University, with concentrations in painting and photography.  Most of my photography takes place in the Boone, Banner Elk, Blowing Rock, Beech Mountain and Newland areas of western North Carolina. I specialize in photographing weddings, families and newborns.  Photography preserves the important moments in life, the big moments and the little moments.  Lots of times it is the little moments that matter the most, the smiles, the hugs, and the kisses!  Good photography is an investment in your memories.  It is worth the money, time, and effort to have your LIFE beautifully and artfully captured.  It is the photographs of your wedding day that will make it real for your children.  It is the photographs of your new baby, the tiny fingers and toes,  that will help you remember those early days that are a fog... from lack of sleep of course.  And, it is the photographs of your growing family, shared on your Christmas cards, that keep distant friends and family up to date.

It blesses me beyond words to share in the memories of my clients...my friends.  To see and capture the circle of life!  Picture it... a wall of portraits... first of a young family, followed by an engagement and a wedding of the once little kiddos, then the sweet maternity portraits that come before the new baby.  You know the circle of life will continue when you come to the family portrait of the new family... isn't it beautiful?!   Knowing that I am able to help make these memories is so very special to me.  I am grateful to all of the wonderful "friends" I have had in front of my lens! And, to all of those who will be in front of my lens soon, I pray that these memories we make together will be sweet and everlasting!

All My Love,


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